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It has been almost 25 years since we last visited Twin Peaks. Do you ever wonder what the characters might be doing today? It would be hilarious to see Twin Peaks now. When I get together with the other actors we joke about it. I think Shelley would be running the diner.

The recent Blu-ray release contained lots of cut scenes from Fire Walk With Me. Does the story make sense now? What is exciting is that David Lynch was at the helm of putting it together. I was so impressed with what he did. All the lost footage from Fire Walk With Me would be an amazing film if it came out right now. It gives the fans more insight into the story they were trying to tell.

After the show was cancelled, were you worried your career had ‘peaked’ and it could only go downhill? No. I’ve always been an optimistic person even when I shouldn’t be in this business. The challenge was that for years no one wanted to match Twin Peaks actors but there was so many of us. We’d see each other at meetings and go: “Oh man, it means I’m not going to get this job!”

Speaking of ‘twin peaks’, you were also in the pilot of Baywatch. So you’re part of not one but two iconic shows! It was while I was filming Baywatch that I met David Lynch. At a certain point the Baywatch producers said they’d really like me to continue but I was a new actress in Hollywood and I took my roles very seriously. For me it didn’t make artistic sense. Thankfully I had already committed to Twin Peaks.

That is the first time “artistic sense” and “Baywatch” have been used in the same sentence. It had its role. It was fun escapism and it served its purpose. Twin Peaks shaped TV in a different way.

Just how good was the coffee on the set of Twin Peaks? You know at the time I wasn’t really into coffee so I didn’t appreciate it. I was way more into the cherry pie. But now I really am into it and I have to say David Lynch makes an amazing coffee.

What makes it so special? There’s a smoothness but yet there’s still a lot of flavour and a tiny bite to it – the perfect cup of coffee.

Now you are playing a witch in Witches of East End, who sometimes turns into a cat… What’s fun this season is you actually get to see the morphing. We played with a few different things – does it hurt, do you shake it off?

What happens to your clothes? Oh they drop.

If you could really shape shift into any animal, which would you choose? I would probably choose a bigger cat, like a panther. I did a film where we worked with a grizzly bear and a mountain lion and the animal trainer said: “But if you’re in the wild and you see a panther you’re already dead.” That’s a serious animal.